Sunday, 2 December 2018

Last club meet for 2018

Just a short post today...

Yesterday (Saturday here in NZ) was the last club day in 2018 for the Eastern Irregulars.

Depending on how you want to look at it, the weather gods were either in our favour (or not for those that had outdoor activities planned...) as it was a pretty crap day.

Hence a good turn out!

Flames of War, Saga and Chosen Men were the games on offer.

I would be playing Flames of War against Brent. My British rifle company vs. his Afrika Corp armoured force.

Guess I'll be defending... and Bridgehead was the mission rolled up.

I deployed my bridgehead defence forces. 6pdrs in ambush :-) The German armour prepared to trundle onto the board.

Brent spread his forces and amusingly forgot about the minefield I placed around the buildings - his Pioneers wandered straight into one of them!

I popped the ambush first turn to deal with some Panzers that were getting too close scaring the bejesus out of them (killing one to boot).

Brent tried in vain to dig out the guns with a single mortar, whilst using his Panzers with artillery capability to try and dig my infantry out. They just hunkered down and held on.

Time was ticking. My reserves arrived - porteed 6pdrs & Valentine II's. Aggressive (and somewhat suicidal) use of the Valentines stalled the German advance enough for a British win!

A combined focus on one flank by all of Brent's armour may have seen a different outcome.

Still, good to be back into Flames of War. Along with getting to gripes with V4.

A few shots of the other games...

Thanks for reading :-)

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Weekend in Wellington Repeated

Although it was with a different crew... it was much the same. Except for the cocktails... there were a lot more cocktails than last time. The last adventure was posted about here.

Plenty of beer though :-) Off which our arrival started with - beers. Before a trip and tour of Weta Workshops. No photos, but awesome to see how items are made along with the rest of the displays.

Especially the Thunderbirds area!!

The real reason we were going? Well the World War 1 exhibits are coming to a close - The Great War exhibit & Gallipoli: The scale of our war. Unfortunately. It seems such a loss to have the Peter Jackson one just go into storage in a week's time!?!

The Great War Exhibit:

Verdun: before & after

A poignant end to the exhibit...

Colourised Gallipoli photos @ The Great War Exhibit

Plus the stunning and massive Chunuk Bair diorama - 

Our National War Memorial in Wellington, plus Australian, Turkish, British & Belgium memorials -

Gallipoli: The scale of our war

Lest we forget.