Sunday, 19 November 2017


And here is the truth of the matter... what really happened during the re-match!!

Teams would be the same. Scenario would be the same. This scenario.

As is tradition.... the British Commanders hit the rum hard to prepare. Although.... one of the French Commanders also snuck over for a wee swig! ;-)

Then it was on with the French seizing initiative - onwards cry the Commanders, the drums begin and the glorious forces of Napoleon steadfastly march forward ready for battle.

As for the British... order, countermand & new orders create confusion & chaos clogging up the roads. Before they know it, the British Line Battalions are at the fore facing French Cavalry unsupported! 

A few British blunders and heroic French charges ensure initiative firmly remains with the French and the British quickly find themselves surroundedwhilst still within their own deployment area!!

The cannons are rolled up to point blank range. French columns close the noose..... and the first British break.

The only saving grace for the British was the ability to roll 6's when shooting.... disordering the French columns poised to roll up the British flank.

It only delayed the inevitable though as the British Commanders concede and withdraw their battered forces. 

Another victory for the French. And me :-)

Here are the photos (the Russian troops are pretending to be British Light Infantry & Portuguese Cacadores) 

Warbirds Open Day

Last Sunday saw the 2nd Warbirds Open Day at Ardmore airport.

After a little bit of trouble.... ;-) we got into our shooting grove.

Having been to these events many times, it was time to try something different.

So I set the camera to a shutter speed of 1/100th and tried my luck. Not the best results, but some interesting images none the less! :-)

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Armistice in Cambridge

Last weekend was a busy weekend with Armistice in Cambridge & the second Warbirds Open Day for the year.

Mark G & I decided to head down to see Armistice on the Saturday so we could go to the Warbirds event on Sunday (Armistice is a 2 day event).

Overall, a good day. The weather held, although the wind didn't! Pretty windy day, but still meant plenty of action on the field.

Here's a selection of what was on offer:

 Gladiators start the action...

LRDG "night" raid on an Italian airfield:

Ancient Norse battle it out -

Not once, but twice.... ouch!

Market Garden battle:

Too much Rambo??

 Then it's the Roman's turn...

And a nice little 1 on 1 sequence.... the last one just looks like he's saying "please no more!"

All in all a good day, but not an event for every year.

Fair play to the re-enactors - they certainly give it everything!

Thanks for stopping by.