Saturday, 4 August 2018

Battlefield Tour - Arnhem & Oosterbeek

After Macau & Hong Kong we flew in Amsterdam.

The other 2 guys, well they had their own reasons for wanting to go to Amsterdam ;-)

There was a deal struck, if we were going, then we'd go out for a tour of the British 1st Airborne area of operation during Operation Market Garden - Arnhem & Oosterbeek.

An early train and we were in Arnhem to meet our tour guide who took us around all the main sites / locations plus a few more.

Driving that long road from Arnhem to the dropping / landing zones certainly brought things home on just how far they really had to go!

Here's some photos:

Ginkel Heath - 4th Para drop zone. Strange landscape.

I still don't believe the British could have got jeeps through there...

Main landing / dropping zone:


View from the Westerbouwing heights -

From here our guide was able to point out landmarks showing Nijmegen, Elst and Driel. They looked so close, but were just to far in the end.

Second pic is the Heveadorp ferry in action.

The new rail bridge...

Baskeyfield VC site. Only 21 yrs old when being in the action that won him the VC.

Arnhem road bridge with Frost's beret -

Where Urquhart had to hide for a bit...

St Elizabeth hospital. Well, it was a hospital then. Now apartments I believe.

Hartenstein Hotel & grounds. It's a great Airborne museum and we were likely to be ahead of time to be able to have a look through. Unfortunately no shots of the buildings itself. It was covered in scaffolding for restoration!

Frost's smock (later known as his gardening jacket...!!) and hunting horn -

Heinz Harmel Iron Cross and helmet -

Lonsdale Church. Comes with bullet hole in Bible.

Kate ter Horst's house -

British forces cemetery. Always sad places to visit. Poles and Dutch citizens are also buried here.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

The Stopover

The first holiday snaps post :-)

The stopover - to break up the trip (it's a long way from NZ to Europe...), we decided to stop in Hong Kong for a couple of days. Well, I say Hong Kong, but we actually stayed in Macau as one of the guys has a brother who lives there!

Great places to stopover and also great to have a tour guide. 

Not sure I need to go back, maybe to see Hong Kong in the sunlight / more night shots. Not Macau though. Once was enough.

Here's a few shots...


Oh, and yep, I had a good win in the casino! ;-)

Quite a contrasting place with the casino's and a lot of wealth. Until you head to old Macau and it's clearly a lot poorer. 

That's also China just across the river.

Full disclosure on the last photo... although the image is mine, the idea & location are not. It was actually a winning photo from a National Geographic comp. I was stoked to be able to find the location and re-create the photo though!


No tripod made things a little tricky... it had been checked in with my luggage (awesome to be able to check in at the train station early in the day prior to a night flight!).