Saturday, 1 February 2014

Top Secret


Subject: Eastern Front Status Update


Our agents of the ground have confirmed significant enemy forces are becoming active in your sector. We strongly believe that a large scale clash is imminent.

Reconnaissance aircraft have identified the likely area of the clash and have photographed the terrain (although clearly they need to work on their photo recon skills!).


On one side, of the river there is an abandoned Russian village. The other side of the river still has the remnants of some 1942 fortifications. Both positions can be strongly defended with smaller forces. We recommend using spare troops in the area to set-up a defensive position before further enemy forces can arrive.

Your orders are to then quickly move a strong armoured force into this sector and swiftly engage any enemy forces you encounter and provide a link up with other forces already engaged within the surrounding area.
Our next large scale battle kicks off tomorrow morning - 4000pts per side!
Will the Soviet sledgehammer just crush all before it? Will the German forces be able to link up to withdraw their battered forces.... or will they take it to the Soviets and pull-off a major counter offensive?
Who will win!? Tomorrow, we will know.
Our Commanders:
General von Newman
General von Hazell
General von Galpin
General von Grey
Comrade Rossumovsky
Comrade Woodovsky
Comrade Jacquesky
Comrade Darlingsky