Monday, 24 October 2016

And now for something completely random!

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I had purchased a house this year.

Well, winter is over and the gardens have gone crazy with the wet spring weather we've had.

That means I've ended up spending the first nice sunny long weekend (this weekend) doing nothing but gardening!?!

So, although this post is really going to be about gardening, (I know right)... it's really more so I don't loose the photos of how the place looks now so I have something for future reference.

Anyway a start...

Ripped out some rubbish overgrown daisy bushes and planted a veggie garden... (thanks to a local supermaket chain giving away free seeds :-) )

And weeded the rose garden (I can't take credit for the roses) to plant some flowers to attract the bees... (gotta save the bees!)

But, the slow realisation has dawned that this is going to be a long, long road...

Hopefully the plants don't die and I actually remember to water them each day! :-)

Stage 2 is underway with some creeper currently 2/3 cleared (I now need to get my rather full green waste bin emptied)...

Stage 3 is going to be a bitch apparently. Clearing out the tradescantia from here...

The lady at the garden centre reckoned it took her 2yrs to fully kill if off from her property.

I do think I will look at some bird feeder options to try and attract the local Tui's a little closer.

Home ownership fun continues ;-)

Friday, 21 October 2016

Version 2!

Friday night gaming rolled around as per usual last week.

As per usual I was a little late in getting there after training (even with training starting a little earlier now). That meant I'd miss out on a game with the large crowd already there.

But no matter, it was good to catch-up with everyone and see how Bolt Action V2 was looking...

Three games were in action....

French vs. Fallschirmjager
Americans vs. SS
Japanese vs. Aussies

And, as always, the tables and mini's looked impressive.


Sometimes medium mortars can be quite effective.... (a lot of 6's were rolled!) :-)

Someone wasn't having a good day....

I'm not sure of all the results, but I believe the Americans drew with the SS and a win for the Fallschirmjager resulted in a new convert to the game..... whom we are certain promptly raced home to spend a large amount of money on shiney new BA toys! :-)

Overall the rules changes look to be well received and have improved the game. Would have been nice if there had been a couple of other tweaks (snipers killing gun teams with one shot for example), but I'm looking forward to trying out my first game with the V2 rules.

Until next time. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, 20 October 2016


I've been a bit slack again with blogging, but that's because not much has been happening on the gaming / photography front of late.

Real life has been rather hectic!

So it was good to catch up with Rob last Saturday for dinner followed by some time out photographing the Auckland Diwali festival at dusk.

Previously we've been during the afternoon, but figured it would be good to check out the event at a different time.

It's certainly a very colourful and energetic event.... I'm not just talking about the performances either! The crowd were certainly loving it!!

So much so, that after awhile all the phones and heads getting in the way of the camera was all a bit much, so it was time to head off home.

Not a bad selection of shots from the few acts we did see. Enjoy.