Wednesday, 14 September 2016

200th Post

Well, who'd have thought that I would have reached 200 posts! Have I really had that much to say!? :-)

Somehow, I think there are still plenty more to come as I still enjoy posting and sharing my photography / gaming adventures.

Thanks to all those who read my posts and leave comments or feedback. It is appreciated. Hopefully you continue to enjoy them! :-)

I hadn't actually realised this would be my 200th post until starting it, so it is just a short one.

Mainly 'cause I was late again to Friday night games...! My training regime unfortunately makes Friday's a little hard. Fingers crossed class time on Friday's changes soon, but that may be unlikely.

Anyway, comm's early in the week had been on some game called Frostgrave. Little did I realise that a bit of pre-planning was going to be required....

Frostgrave is effectively the table top version of D&D, well at least that's what it looked like to me and I needed to have a warband organised prior to arrival.

Each side has a Wizard, Apprentice and group of soldiers. Aim of the game (well the one the guys were playing) was to grab as much treasure as possible.

Being too late to join, I just grabbed a few shots of the games in action...

Apparently Elemental balls & bolts are the way to go.... I suspect some warbands are being tweaked as you read this to add them in! Rather devastating.

The game looks interesting and definitely set-up for campaign style play. What was also interesting is the game looks to have breathed life back into a lot of old models (very old in some cases..) which is always great. Suddenly I see a potential new use for my Hordes Legion of Everblight models....

Will be interesting to see how this game progresses.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Return to North Head

It's been a little while since I've been out to try something a little different photography wise.

With an awesome forecast for the weekend, it was an easy choice when Mark G txt to suggest we blow the dust of the camera gear and head out somewhere. Lee also joined us.

So... not quite sure why we chose the dark, dank tunnels at North Head on such a sunny spring day! :-)

North Head is an old fort that was built in the early 19th century in case of invasion. Not quite sure who would want to head all the way down here to invade us though....!

Last time I was there, Rob and I played around a lot with light painting etc. This time, we all tried a few different things....

Finally, we stuck around for the sunset, but with not much cloud... it was a bit of a non event. Still it was good to be out in some sun in this pretty cool city! Long may the good weather continue :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Off to Valhalla

Friday night rolled around, and after a long tiring week, it was good to get out for a quick game of Saga.

My arrival timing was perfect as Lee had just finished his game against Ian, so I was straight into a game.

We settled on a 4 pt Saga game and the river crossing mission was chosen.

I would play Vikings vs. Ian's Scots.

My force was pretty simple...

4 Hearthguard
4 Hearthguard
8 Warriors
8 Warriors

Ian's was pretty much the same.

We deployed.

I split my force equally across the two fording points. Ian put 2 Hearthguard at one ford and his Warriors at the other.

My plan was simple and what I figured the Viking way would be - get stuck in as quick as possible!

Some good Saga dice rolling allowed me to load up with Frigg, Thor & Heimdal in turn 1.

Frigg gave me the double move I needed to get into combat in the first turn...

An awesome roll resulted in a number of Scot Warrior casualties, but unfortunately Heimdal was a bigger double edged sword than I realised (drops my armour). On reflection, I suspect Heimdal is best used when your opponent has some fatigue on them....

7 Scottish Warriors were dead, but so were 3 of my Hearthguard. And then the inevitable happened....

At the second ford, I'd moved my Warriors up to at least slow the Scottish Hearthguard in the next turn...

The Scots charged with Ian using a dirty trick of concentrating on one side of my Warrior unit to cut down my attack dice! Something I'll have to remember for the future.... :-)

Although, somehow casualties were light.

My second Warrior unit now joined the fray after I used Loki to destroy the Scot Warrior unit with only 1 model remaining...

The result was not so good though.

If I recall correctly, the Scots have an ability to roll Saga dice out of turn which gave Ian a number of abilities to use. Oh well, we're going down fighting!

I came up with a cunning plan for my second Hearthguard unit.... charge the Scot Hearthguard unit with only 3 models (would be 4 vs. 3) and when they bounce, use Frigg to finish them off! That was the plan anyway....

Shame I couldn't roll enough hits.

A final throw of the dice sees my Warlord charge the Scottish Warlord. You can guess the result :-)

My Warlord is killed effectively ending the game. A solid victory to the Scots and a good brutal game which was fun to play.

I knew I was onto the right tactics with double moves and Frigg, but I'm not sure on using Heimdal like I was. I would have perhaps been better placed to use those dice to get some supporting units up, i.e. getting my Warriors up to protect my Hearthguard in turn 1!

Oh and roll better, always roll better :-)

A few quick shots of some of the other action on offer...

And one shot of a very happy gamer... shame the end result of that game was a draw... :-)

Thanks for reading.