Wednesday, 14 September 2016

200th Post

Well, who'd have thought that I would have reached 200 posts! Have I really had that much to say!? :-)

Somehow, I think there are still plenty more to come as I still enjoy posting and sharing my photography / gaming adventures.

Thanks to all those who read my posts and leave comments or feedback. It is appreciated. Hopefully you continue to enjoy them! :-)

I hadn't actually realised this would be my 200th post until starting it, so it is just a short one.

Mainly 'cause I was late again to Friday night games...! My training regime unfortunately makes Friday's a little hard. Fingers crossed class time on Friday's changes soon, but that may be unlikely.

Anyway, comm's early in the week had been on some game called Frostgrave. Little did I realise that a bit of pre-planning was going to be required....

Frostgrave is effectively the table top version of D&D, well at least that's what it looked like to me and I needed to have a warband organised prior to arrival.

Each side has a Wizard, Apprentice and group of soldiers. Aim of the game (well the one the guys were playing) was to grab as much treasure as possible.

Being too late to join, I just grabbed a few shots of the games in action...

Apparently Elemental balls & bolts are the way to go.... I suspect some warbands are being tweaked as you read this to add them in! Rather devastating.

The game looks interesting and definitely set-up for campaign style play. What was also interesting is the game looks to have breathed life back into a lot of old models (very old in some cases..) which is always great. Suddenly I see a potential new use for my Hordes Legion of Everblight models....

Will be interesting to see how this game progresses.

Thanks for reading.

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