Saturday, 28 September 2013

First Post

Post number 1! Yay.... but why I am doing this? I don't know.... :)

My thinking is that rather than spamming facebook with photos and since I don't really like facebook anyway... then I figured actually creating a blog (just like everyone else) might be the way to go.

What I'm really hoping is that by blogging about my journey on photography will actually help me to remember what I'm learning since I have a terrible habit of not writing things down. The intent will be to post photos and the camera settings as a reference.

But... a regularly updated blog is always a good blog. So no doubt it will quickly be filled up with gaming reports and views on tactics :)

And maybe some fitness stuff too...

Anyway. Here is some of the sorts of photos I've taken so far (and no, I have no idea what the camera settings were.....)

These were all taken out Muriwai one Saturday afternoon in August. We picked a great day as the sunset was perfect for a few pics....

Gannet Muriwai 1Gannet Muriwai 2

Gannet Muriwai 3Gannet Muriwai 4

Gannet Muriwai 5Flock of Gannets Muriwai

Gannet Muriwai 6
Sunset Muriwai 1

Sunset Muriwai 2Sunset Muriwai 3

Sunset Muriwai 4Sunset Muriwai 5