Thursday, 24 July 2014

Out for a wander

I've been going a bit stir crazy being stuck inside with a cold. As I was feeling more alive yesterday, I decided to go for a walk along a local coastal track.

I figured I'd wait until mid afternoon where the high tide was coming in to see what bird life was active. Not much as it turns out.

From the starting spot....

My first encounter was with some Fantails. 

Initially, I had set my ISO before starting down the track. I completely forgot that I would have to adjust it as soon as I started taking photos in the shade. A large series of very dark photos had to be deleted.... After actually thinking about it, I figured the best option would be to just set ISO on auto to allow the camera to compensate for the quickly changing light conditions.

These were all taken with my Sigma 150 - 500mm. I had set the camera on shutter priority, but I am wondering if aperture priority might have been a better option? Something to play with on another day.

I couldn't decide if these guys were just super friendly or pissed off that I was getting in the way of their dinner as they were quite happy to come up very close. I suspect it was the later reason though....

"Come at me bro.. I dare ya"

My preference is to photograph birds in flight rather than just take pictures of birds. The Fantails are pretty quick and I had no show of trying to lock on one that was already in flight. So I waited until one had settled on a branch and then tried to track them when they darted off. My reactions were far too slow.... this is the best I could get

I had hoped to see a Hawk as I know there are a couple in the area, but it wasn't to be today. I did find the other bird that I was hoping to see. There were heaps of Tui through here last time, but either the timing or season just wasn't right. I did manage to find a couple and got a few photos after crashing and banging through a bit of bush to get the right angle.

Really happy with how the colours turned out. 

Definitely one of my favourite birds. 

So not too much photography wise, but a nice walk :)