Monday, 9 June 2014

Just a quick update

Not much to post today. Gaming was pretty quiet yesterday.

Mainly because I have a new toy (new laptop) to play with and was getting Rob to help me set it up.

I was somewhat less than enthused with doing anything due to being out on Saturday night with some mates to have some beers and watch the rugby (All Blacks vs. England). Turned into a bit of a big night at some local bars, not helped by some jager bombs.... and more beer.... and a good live band.

I did eventually get convinced to play a game of X-Wing against Phil. He ran a Rebel force of 2 X-Wing and 2 Y-Wing. I took a Tie Advanced with Darth Vader and 4 Tie Fighters. Suffice to say, the game was over pretty quick as the Imperial forces swiftly dealt with the X-Wings leaving the heavier armoured Y-Wings.

The Y-Wings just couldn't put out enough damage to the Tie's and were simply worn down. Victory to the Imperium!

To finish off the day, we just played a couple of games of King of Tokyo. Always good fun. 

Until next time.