Sunday, 27 July 2014

I've actually finished something...

...and it's more painted mini's. Enough to actually have a small, legal Axis Dust Warfare force even! :)

I still struggle with taking photos of minis, but here's what I've finished:


I wanted to do something different since I had done both Battle Grenadier units in splinter camo. After looking through a few magazines/Osprey books, I found a painting guide for marsh pattern splinter camo. I quite liked the look of it and thought it would be something a bit different to try.

Overall I'm happy with the unit and the look, but I think I have been a bit too heavy handed with the splinter pattern camo markings. Something to be more careful with when I paint the zeltbahn on my Bolt Action minis.


Who doesn't like zombies!? Pretty happy with how the zombie skin has turned out. It took me awhile to decide how to paint it. I suspect the skin could do with another light coat of a very light skin tone or even stone grey to give a more pallid look, but I think they'll do as they are for now. The main reason for painting them was to figure out a zombie skin look ready for when I paint Seamus and his girls.


Again, I wanted to do something here so they stood out. I've always liked the look of spring oak leaf camo. It was an easy choice for it to go on these guys. Pretty happy with the result.


My first walker. As per the rest of the army, I have stuck with traditional late war German colours. I had the AK interactive yellow primer and late war German colour set. Decided to use them on this to try them out..... bad idea. Wasn't happy at all with the result. The colours just clogged up my airbrush (no matter what I did) and the lighter green colour just looking really odd. Looking online, others have had a similar problem and it may be a separation issue. Hopefully it was just a bad batch, but have contacted the place where I bought it to see if it can be replaced. Better luck next time maybe?

EDIT: So I emailed the place where I got the AK items from. They replied on Monday and immediately sent out replacements which arrived today! Mighty Ape are awesome! Check them out if you don't already use them :)

Anyway, was much happier with the look after going over the green with the Tamiya colour I normally use and then a little bit of dry brushing to highlight using my normal Vallejo colours.

I also had a play with some of the AK weathering sets too (rust, engine grime and heavy mud). I think they will be interesting to use in the future. Anyway, for what was effectively a test vehicle to try things on before starting on the walkers I normally field (and my Bolt Action stuff).... I reckon it turned out pretty well.

So that means that I now have painted for my Dust Warfare Axis force:

Battle Grenadiers (x2)
Laser Grenadiers
Beobachter Team
Sniper Team
"Hans" Light Panzer Walker
Axis Zombies

The zombies are the only unit I can't legally field (need a different command unit), but a decent sized force otherwise. 

See here and here for the Battle Grenadiers and Laser Grenadiers.

Apparently this is the next project I have to start and finish....

I guess I better go and get started then! I'll be trying out the German uniform guide in the Painting War magazine for these guys.