Sunday, 12 October 2014


The Diwali festival has been on here in Auckland this weekend.

I don't know much about the festival other than it involves a lot of colour and light.

I was sitting at home working on some models when Rob txt me about popping out since this was a great photo op. So I downed tools and headed on in to the city.

For most of the photos I set the camera to Av with an f-stop of 4 - 5. Iso was set to 400 and I used centre-weighted for metering. The camera did the rest.

Some general city shots:

Some of the crowd....

And the main stage.... the colours of the costumes were amazing. Especially the kids ones. They looked fantastic. I had thought there would be more light or colour effects (colour powders or confetti) around the show, but it wasn't too be. I suspect there may be more this evening (I know there will be fireworks), but neither Rob or I were keen to hang around after spending a few hours checking out the show this afternoon.

Still... as I say the costumes looked awesome.

For a few of these ones, I changed to Tv and lowered the shutter speed to try and catch some blurred movement. Shutter speed was 1/60th.

These kids were awesome. Had the best outfits too.

And to top the day off... there was also some Miss India NZ competition:

And here's Rob trying his best to ignore all the contestants as they walk past... :)