Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Playing in Lightroom

I've been trying to get the hang of Lightroom and understand more about what it can do in regards to processing photos.

It's a little old school, but I've always liked the idea of turning a photo into black & white, but leaving some colour in an item to make it stand out. I've done it once before, but for the life of me... I couldn't remember how do it.

So after a bit of searching, I found out how to create a mask in Lightroom. Once the mask was done, I was then able play around dropping the colour out and using other sliders to try and age the photo.

The photo I took at Armistice in Cambridge with the poppy in it was the perfect candidate for this. So... here's my attempt:

The original photo:

Here's the adjusted one where I have tried to create an old black & white whilst leaving the colour in the poppy:

Overall, I'm happy with the result, but I suspect I have over done it a little through trying out all the different sliders and playing with the tone curves.

Whilst looking through some of the tutorials, I also found some stuff about creating a vintage look in photos. I figured that would be perfect for a couple of the Vietnam re-enactment photos. 

This time I started with a Lightroom preset and then after watching a tutorial on you tube, I also played around with split toning to try and give a more faded look. Finally, I tweaked the contrast down a little further and added a little bit of grain. Here's the results. (The photo on the left is the original..... in case you couldn't tell :) )

Again, I'm okay with the result, but not sure they're quite right. 

I guess a lot of it comes to down to the individual though and what works for you. Everyone sees things a little differently.

A good start. Practice makes perfect :) Time to research some more 60's & 70's colour photos!

Always interested in peoples thoughts.

Thanks for reading :)