Monday, 1 February 2016

Alien Invasion!

Ok, so a bit of a lame photoshop attempt, but a bit of fun nonetheless :-)

Rangitoto island has been lit up with some powerful lights over the last few nights to celebrate Maori culture.

Made for a pretty interesting effect. Something a lot of people were unaware off, so it created a lot of questions and wonder!

This time without the Shadow ships...

With such a cloudy / overcast night it was pretty tough to shoot, but we got lucky with some cloud cover. I think it creates an interesting look. Not something you see everyday anyway.

Prior to heading down to the coastline to look out over Rangitoto, Mark G and I had popped over to the Northshore to photograph the Auckland CBD at night, but in particular the fireworks. The display was part of Auckland Anniversary celebrations.

We both arrived at a not so secret location just as the sun was setting. Murhpy's law.... the cruise ship in the harbour had impeccable timing with a departure timed nicely with the fireworks!?!

A bit of fun and overall I'm happy with how my first fireworks shoots have turned out.

Until next time :-)

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