Friday, 26 February 2016

Crossfit Craziness

Firstly, apologies to all my gaming related followers as this is another photography post (although there's a couple of pics in here for you Fran :-) ).

More Crossfit craziness.

Last Saturday saw a competition first with the entire comp being held outdoors. Weather was looking dicey during the week, but it cleared up and became quite a scorcher on the day. Some red athletes at the end of the day!

I popped along to photograph the guys from the box (Raw Strength) that I train at, but I also snapped off a few from throughout the day.

Most of the shots are with my 70 - 200mm. I decided just to shoot on Av and set it to f2.8. I wanted to blur out the crowd / other athletes and try to draw the focus on to one athlete (in most cases). I did open the aperture up in a few to show the wider event.

Anyway, enjoy:

"Dead Legs"

 Oh, and none of you are too old for this craziness. I think this guy is probably older....

"Syncro Sucks"

"Team Dynamics"

 "Army Relay"

 "That winning feeling...."

Thought for next time... use a slow shutter speed to try for good background blur with the sprints.

Thanks for reading.

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