Sunday, 14 August 2016

Numero Uno 3

So, last weekend, my early start was getting into Newmarket, Auckland for an 8am start.

A tad early for a Saturday morning, but worthwhile as I would be able to shoot another Crossfit competition.

The box I train at (yes I do all this crazy stuff too and probably pull the same faces..) was having it's annual comp against another local box.

Each athlete would complete 3 workouts.

The fun began and so I started snapping away :-)

I've focused mainly on the barbell components of the workouts. They're simply more fun to photograph. A lot of the other components are less so...

There's always one...

Part of why I love Crossfit is the challenge - overcoming your fears and never giving up.... there were heaps of shots like this...

One part of the workouts was to find your max clean weight. It would have been easy to stop here and go, oh well, I tried, but nope, they were straight back up to try again. And in most cases got their lift.

Lift of the day (and tied for heaviest) goes to this guy...

I've some work to do on my own lifting!

Thanks for reading :-)

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