Thursday, 15 December 2016

More Crossfit

Last weekend, some of the guys from the Crossfit box I train at were competing in the NZ Fitness League finals (a 6 week regional competition).

After the previous 5 weeks, our box was placed top, so we got to host the regional final (Auckland South).

I popped along to capture the day :-)

A lot of the workout's weren't the most exciting to photograph, so I decided to play around with some lower shutter speeds for a bit of blurring plus a couple of different focus points....

Sometimes things just don't work out.... (115kg clean & jerk attempt)

He nailed it second time though :-)

All good fun (to watch anyway!) and something a bit different to play around with.

Oh and our team won the region, but weren't quite good enough to place nationally. Next year!

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