Sunday, 12 April 2015

Empire of the Dead


A post on Empire of the Dead (EotD).

And it's not what you think....

You might want to be sitting down so you don't fall over....

It's actually a painting post! :)

I've finished a few models as testers for EotD. I was going a bit stir crazy painting 28mm German after 28mm German, so the other guys pestered me (and rightly so :) ) to get some models organised for EotD so we can try out a couple of games.

Especially since I splurged quite a bit on the Kickstarter and then on Sarissa / 4Ground terrain..... I got a lot of stuff...

Anyway, I decided to try painting up some basic thugs/criminals to get things underway.

Overall, I don't think it's my best work, but they will do just fine.

The white shirts/trousers look messy, but that might work okay with the time period.

I'm not sure on a couple of the colours I've chosen, so I would be interested to know what colour palettes others have used for EotD models?

Finally, some more work is needed on the glass bottles. I'll keep searching for some tutorials on these.

I've also spotted a few bits that need tidying up after taking a few photos that were a little bit too close up :)

Anyway, any and all feedback welcomed.

Now back to those Germans so I can try and complete a 1000pt Bolt Action force... but mixed in with some more EotD models - I think I definitely need to keep a couple of projects on the go.

And once we work of the Infinity bug, I am sure a few games of EotD will be next.

Thanks for reading.