Saturday, 25 March 2017

Ohakea Air Tattoo - Part 1

Recently the Royal New Zealand Air Force turned 80 (yes we still have an air force.... :-) )

To celebrate a air tattoo (or air show) was arranged to be held at Ohakea air base. A number of international air forces were invited and a few turned up with some cool toys!!

F-16's from the USAF, RAAF F-18's and F-15's from Singapore. But also many transports & support aircraft.

Let's be honest though.... we were there to see the jets! I'll have to admit, the RNZAF displays where they demonstrated their capability was also cool to see - such as seeing 3 RNZAF Hec's in the sky together.

Anyway on to the pictures (Saturday only... Sunday to follow). Enjoy.

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