Sunday, 26 March 2017

New Zealand Army Museum

On the way back from our trip to Ohakea, we popped into the New Zealand Army Museum for a spot of breakfast and a chance to wander around.

The museum is in Waiouru..... so not one to just pop out too, but being close to National Park, it is certainly on the tourist route when travelling around NZ.

The museum walks you through a timeline of all military conflicts New Zealand has been involved with. Starting with the Maori wars through to modern day. Most time and display is given to the NZ Divisions in WW1 & 2.

Definitely recommend having a look. And can also recommend the coffee & big breakfast!

A few shots of the displays.... I decided to convert / play around with a few of these.

Highlight was seeing the medals and reading the stories of the Kiwi's who were awarded them... some of the stories I knew, but a number I was entirely unaware off.

Never expected to see this awarded to a Kiwi!? I wish I'd taken a photo of story associated with it, but sounded like quite the adventure!

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