Sunday, 23 April 2017

Omaka Classic Fighters - Twilight Show

Easter weekend saw the bi-annual Classic Fighters airshow.

And off course, we were there!

Luckily, very luckily, Rob, Mark G & I flew down on Wednesday morning. The lucky piece, well, that's because Cyclone Cook was on it's way and was supposedly going wreak havoc across the country. How the Cook(ie) crumbles... it didn't quite live up to expectations, but certainly caused a few headaches in a number of places (I'll let Lee cover that one...).

As always, the show was fantastic. Even if all the aircraft couldn't make it due to weather or other difficulties. The organisers still put on a seamless show and the weather turned out just fine as well.

I'll split coverage of the show over 3 posts - Twilight show, Saturday (bulk of the photos) and Sunday.


Friday morning from Wither Hills

Yep, things were a bit muddy out... even for the trucks!
As darkness closed, we were treated to some fire dancers and a most spectacular fireworks finale.

Hats off to whomever put the fireworks display together with the music. Fantastic.

 And a little collage I have been playing around with to finish...

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