Sunday, 14 May 2017

A Tribute

After a few wee issues with Photoshop.... it finally started working again, so I figured it was time to try and get my head around using it again!

I had great shot of the Mk IX Spitfire taking off at Yealands Classic Fighters.

That led to a bit of inspiration for a couple of ideas....

Numerous layers later these were created..... I suspect I may have made them a little harder than really needed, but was good to try a few things by adding / deleting layers or parts thereof.

"Alan Deere"

A tribute to one of our Battle of Britain pilots Alan Deere. The connection here is that his relative (Brendon Deere) owns and operates this Spitfire. It is painted in the colours of one of the Spitfires that Alan Deere flew during WW2.

"5 Minutes"

This was the original idea which came after watching that great war movie "The Battle of Britain". In the movie there is a line where Air Vice Marshal Sir Keith Park comments that the squadrons must scramble in just a few minutes....! A quick bit of research and the maximum time allowed was 5 minutes to scramble. Some squadrons were much quicker. I've been in a Spitfire and I'm amazed they were up in under 5 minutes. Since Sir Keith Park was a Kiwi, and his leadership was instrumental in winning the Battle of Britain, then it seemed fitting to incorporate him into the image of the Spitfire taking off. 

Thoughts, feedback, comments welcomed.

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