Saturday, 26 August 2017

Shock horror!

A gaming post finally!

Just had a look and the last time I posted about gaming was in Feb this year. Whoops...

Not much gaming I guess then :-)

Changes and generally busy lifestyles has meant gaming was patchy for a bit and then a little hard for me to get too.

Now things have changed again, gaming attendance (by myself!) should start to pick up.

Starting with last night! :-)

I finally made it back to Friday gaming in time for a big Napoleonics bash.

Lee and I would field Prussian's. We'd be up against Paul and Dallas who fielded the dastardly French.

Just as we were kicking off, the game was expanded as John arrived. His Russian's were only too happy to reinforce the Prussians.

Rules used were Black Powder.

It's difficult to photograph / explain the ebb and flow of the game as I had no idea what was going on in most cases (being my first game and all...). But, here's some photos of the very nice mini's provided by Dallas (French & Prussians) and John (Russians)... they have one or two.. ;-)

The French & Prussian columns face off...

 The columns close and engage...

The battlefield...

Melee ensues as the Russians engage the French...

French cavalry have a crack at my Hussars. But they are soundly beaten back. Huzzah huzzah!!

I try a foolhardy move next. My Dragoons traverse 2 cannon and a column of French infantry. Not the best idea as the Dragoons end up shaken, but still manage to defeat the French in line! Further cries of Huzzah!! :-)

Especially when French Lancers charge my cannon... only to be blasted back by cannister shot.

The final melee...

With the loss of this melee, it was pretty much over for the combined Prussian / Russian force with the loss of this flank. The Russian infantry on the right had also been routed. Time to call it and retire in good order in preparation for the next battle.

Thanks to Dallas for letting us use his superb mini's and John for the rules advise, tips, tactics and history.

I'm looking forward to the next game already :-)

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