Saturday, 18 November 2017

Armistice in Cambridge

Last weekend was a busy weekend with Armistice in Cambridge & the second Warbirds Open Day for the year.

Mark G & I decided to head down to see Armistice on the Saturday so we could go to the Warbirds event on Sunday (Armistice is a 2 day event).

Overall, a good day. The weather held, although the wind didn't! Pretty windy day, but still meant plenty of action on the field.

Here's a selection of what was on offer:

 Gladiators start the action...

LRDG "night" raid on an Italian airfield:

Ancient Norse battle it out -

Not once, but twice.... ouch!

Market Garden battle:

Too much Rambo??

 Then it's the Roman's turn...

And a nice little 1 on 1 sequence.... the last one just looks like he's saying "please no more!"

All in all a good day, but not an event for every year.

Fair play to the re-enactors - they certainly give it everything!

Thanks for stopping by.

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