Saturday, 27 January 2018

The Great Bear

Friday gaming. But a distinct lack of drinking related photos.

Is that why Dallas's typically aggressive play style was dampened?

The other difference is that Lee & Paul were missing. From that I can only conclude that Paul & Lee are pissheads.... :-D

But on to the report....

Le French Commanders Will & Dallas, clearly tired of thrashing tommies, found themselves facing a Russian horde commanded by Brentkov & Johnski.

Will the Great Bear provide a more sporting challenge?

The forces deploy for battle and, surprisingly, the Russians take the initiative and rush forward!

Straight into some cheeky French Hussars who were alone on the flank ready to cause mischief. Bye bye Hussars. Shooting is annoying, but the French strike back quickly.

Lancers quickly destroy the Russian Cossacks (but only after quite some prodding does Le Dallas go through with it!).

The Light Brigade starts piling on the wounds and disorders.

But... low and behold... Russian Hussars are 0.0001 degree outside a French Line Battalions 45 degree front arc. After some magical winding movement they strike the French Battalion in the flank.

This should be game over. The French Centre rolled up!!

But no, the heroic dogged French weather the storm of lances and sabres and stand their ground! Twice! Tough fighter rocks!

Meanwhile French lances are skewering all sorts of Russians.

But the bastards just won't break!! Most Russian units have wounds, something like half are shaken (with stamina 4!).... but still they won't break.

The pressure continues to mount and finally a Russian Battalion breaks starting the flood of failures. Vive La France!!!

A close run thing. Russians are bloody tough!

Lot more charges into the flank this game. Particularly with good use of "Follow Me". Something we haven't done enough off in previous games.

Dallas, next time we need to check John's dice. The number of high rolls for break tests was uncanny!

Great game as always.

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