Sunday, 3 June 2018

Something Completely Different

Something completely different for gaming on Friday night this week.

Dallas has quite a few ACW models painted from a period many moons ago.

As we have been enjoying Black Powder games, the decision was to switch it up a bit with an ACW game and let some old miniatures relieve past glories.

So, Dallas, Lee and I would command the Rebels. John, Paul and Brent the Union aggressors!

But we had Stonewall and Jackson... :-)

I would be commanding the Confederate left flank and would be facing off against the Union troops of Paul. I'd be outnumbered, but had no fear. I trusted in my dice.

We closed up and exchanged fire. Both sides inflicting casualties, but the rallying cries of Stonewall & Jackson were stronger keeping the Reb spirits up and aim true.

And then the dreaded SS dice failed Paul... 1's and 2's abounded. I was getting the upper hand.

Meanwhile Dallas and Lee worked a right hook coming around the flank of the remaining Union forces and soon broke them (ably supported by my artillery I might add!).

And with that, the battle was won.

Hooray for Dixie!

Enjoy a few in game shots.

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