Sunday, 16 March 2014

Kings of War

It feels like it's been ages since I last gamed. On reflection.... I think it is almost a month, so no wonder I'm been suffering from withdrawal symptoms!

It was good to get out today and roll some dice. I've been a bit under the weather of late and work was a bit rough last week. Some fun relaxed gaming was just what I needed.

Mark had been having a good look at Kings of War while Rob & I were in Melbourne. Part of the reason was that both he and Rob still have a whole heap of Warhammer Fantasy Battle models. I got rid of all mine a long time ago....

As such, he was keen to show us how the game rolled. I didn't mind what we played.

Now before I go to far... I'm not really sure what the Kings of War army names are, nor what were in the lists.... so there may be a lot of mistaken references to WFB armies/unit names and guesses.... hopefully it doesn't cause too much confusion! I've also been a bit lazy and haven't really captioned/labelled any photos....

When I arrived, the guys had a game underway. I was up next and would using a Goblin force that Mark had put together.

If I recall correctly, the force consisted of...

4 regiments of Goblins
1 giant
3 or 4 "mincers" (?)
1 unit of goblin archers
2 wizards/heros (zap zap!)

I think that is all. I also think we were playing with 1000pts in total for the forces?

Anyway, I was up against Rob who fielded a Dark Elf (Twilight Kin?) army.

The set-up:

Not knowing what to do.... I took the best course of action that any General could do. Charge! Directly forward!

Who needs tactics? Rob also obliged and moved everything directly forward. But I had won first turn and wasn't quite close enough.... that would mean I would get the first charges in on my next turn....

Basically there was a bit of carnage as both sides repeatedly charged into each other. I think the Hydra/Abyssal thing ate a unit of Gobbo's quite easily, but I had zapped it early on to stop its regeneration :)

The Goblins numbers (and superior dice rolling) saw Dark Elf units disappearing very quickly. End result.... a Goblin win as all the Dark Elf units get broken!

Next up... Rob played Phil. Phil decided he wanted to try a Dwarf army with lots of shooty stuff. Rob stuck with his Dark Elf army (with a few tweaks). After a bit of stick for the amount of time taken to prepare the list... Phil was finally ready. I took a few shots of the game:

I believe the end result was a draw. Shooting.... particularly from a dirty flame cannon took a toll of the Dark Elf forces.... but the remaining units managed to do enough damage by the end of turn 6 to even out the points.

As we were rolling through the games pretty quick (I think we got through 5 games in total across the day), Mark and I had a game next. Me using Goblins again and Mark trying out the Dwarf list.

I thought I'd try some tactics this time and aim to get units on the flanks of the Dwarfs.... but mainly it was just due to not wanting to get blown to pieces by all the guns/cannons.

So, I sent my giant and one unit of Gobbo's around one flank, 2 units with 2 mincers went round the other. The remaining 2 units ended up just going straight up the middle with a mincer and into their own mincer of hot lead.

So... of course... the units heading up the middle didn't last very long....

The cannon and rifle shooting made short work of a couple of units. The flame cannon also resulted in a unit of crispy Goblins. But my giant was amongst it were the mincers. And what that equaled was lots of squished dwarfs.

At this point Mark decided to concede as it was getting late. There weren't many Dwarfs left and the mincers were still hungry! So another Goblin win.

Always a good way to get me into a game... by letting me win :)

So, overall thoughts on the game? Well, it plays very fast and loose, but that works well. Means the rules are easy to follow, stats aren't to complex and the game play is quick, but still interesting enough to keep you thinking. Overall its good uncomplicated fun. I suspect there are more tactics to be had once we get into it further.

Something that I will be happy to play again, but not something I'll be investing in (too many games... too many unpainted models..).