Thursday, 6 March 2014

Melbourne: The City

I got back from Melbourne on Monday after a fantastic weekend checking out the city and seeing the RAAF 100th Anniversary air show.

Since then, I've been slowly working through all my photos.... over 11,000 of them :)

This time, I'm trying out Lightroom 5 to work through and process them. So far, so good. It's been pretty quick to work through them deleting the rubbish ones and then tidying up a few (okay.. more than a few) top picks for posting here.

I'm going to split my trip photos across 3 blog posts. The first is this one, where I'll just focus on Melbourne as a city.

The second will just be about the day trip we did (so a relatively short post). Finally, the third one. The big one. That'll be about the air show. So many good photos! So hard to choose :)

Okay, so Melbourne. This was my first trip to Melbourne and I must say, I was impressed. Very cool city. Somewhere where I could definitely see myself spending more time.

I'll start with the food. The food we had everywhere was amazing. Except at the air show. Terrible, terrible food at the air show.Wandering down the laneways or along Lygon street.... so much selection. All different cuisines (and reasonably priced). A foodies heaven! :)

One of the key things we wanted to check out was the street art. I did a bit of research and found some of the main laneways to wander through. Very cool! We went during the day and then back again at night for a very different perspective. Some of the artists seem to have used a reflective paint which was great for flash photography. We even saw some street artists at work! I get the impression that the art changes quite regularly. Here's some of my favourites:

I'd also found out about this lane....

A lane dedicated to AC/DC... how cool would that be!? A oppourtunity missed I think Melbourne. There was certainly some cool art, but only a couple of tatty posters of the band.

Oh and what's with the shoes?

The other place high on my list was the Shrine of Remembrance. A very impressive monument and well worth seeing. Unfortunately, we couldn't see the whole shrine with all the work underway for next years commemorations. It'll look amazing once it is finished.

Finally, we didn't really see many of the other typical tourist sites of Melbourne apart from popping up the Eureka Tower to check out the city at night. Looked cool, but with no tripod, photography was hard (using a very high ISO has left some photos a little grainy, but they still look okay). I also tried my hand at a little bit of street/urban photography along with dropping colour out of some of the photos. Bit of fun with an old school effect.

So that's a quick taste of Melbourne the city :) Stay tuned for part 2.... Puffing Billy & Healesville Sancturary.