Monday, 12 January 2015

Sunny Sunday's

... that are far too hot for gaming in a garage!

As it was, Mark had some tasks to do in the morning and Rob & Phil were away. As such, gaming wouldn't start until closer to lunchtime, so I decided to pop into Ardmore to wait for Mark to return home.

I'm pretty glad I did.... just as I got there, this old girl was lining up to take-off....

Lot's of heat haze! But, still it was nice to see her take off and return a little while later. I suspect someone got a nice scenic flight.


The airfield turned out to be pretty busy! So I txt Mark to pop down and enjoy the show.... but he was too slow :)

Isaac's Fury:

I haven't seen this one before. Very nice looking aircraft.

The last photo is very heavily cropped, but I think it turned out alright.

Then I had my own little stunt show as the MX-2 took off and did a few aerobatics before disappearing off for some practice...


Although this one isn't as good, I do kinda like the swirling clouds behind the MX-2.....

There were also plenty of Cessna's and other modern craft taking off which meant good practice with tracking and playing with shutter speeds. Even got treated to a couple using the grass strip and taking off directly overhead. So here's a nice close shot of a Cessna's nose wheel :)

Mark did turn up in time to see one of the Harvard's take off. Yellow #78...


Plenty of choppers flying around the place too. Until someone realised the lawn had just been mowed....

By now Mark and I were well and truly cooked, so it was time for the beach and a swim (good plan Mark!). The water was certainly cool and refreshing in between getting baked by the sun (no sunburn though!).

A couple of hours at the beach was enough and it was back to Mark's for a quick look at Ronin (Osprey rule-set) and that amounted to our sole gaming endeavor for the day - a quick run through of the basic rules.

It was getting late in the day (and I could still hear the Harvard's flying around), so I headed home, but stopped at Ardmore on the way... only to see a Cessna of a different type coming in too land..

Cessna Bird Dog:

I had some company of a different kind for a little while too, but they soon deserted me...

So I took a couple of shots of one last aircraft taking off..

And lift off...

Then it was time to head home. The airport was pretty quiet by now.

Since the camera was out. I kept it close by on the rest of the journey home.... just in case.... and I was soooo close. Twice! But not close enough..... a good photo of a hawk still eludes me...

Finally, welcome to another follower... Mad Monty (Lee). Lee has also started a blog, so head over if you to have a look and learn about photography. His blog is here - I See Dead Pixels.

Thanks for a having a look :)


  1. That is something I would like to do at some point is get some nice pics of the Hawk
    Nice blog

  2. Thanks Mark :) Good luck with the hawk shoots.... they are very frustrating!

  3. Very nice photo's Will. Te Horo, where I used to live, is a great place to see hawks. They sit in the middle of the road eating, or perch on fence posts and you can walk past them only a couple of metres away. They're quite fearless! Ronin is a fun game, I've got some posts about it on my blog. The mechanics would work well for Dark Age figures too, just change the names of the weapons and you can have a skirmish with SAGA figures.

    1. Thanks Paul :) Maybe I'll have to come for a visit! The hawk's up here seem to shy away from cameras :) I've not seen one perched around here. Generally see them flying so they can disappear pretty quick! Good thinking re: Ronin with Dark Age figures. I think Mark's plan is to actually find some Saga boards for the various Japanese forces to be able to use his figures within the Saga rules as well.