Monday, 9 February 2015

Crossfit Update

I figured I haven't talked enough about Crossfit on here, so I'm failing the first rule of Crossfit :)

Really, I'm just stoked with getting another PB tonight, but I haven't really tracked them anywhere.

So this blog post is to record my current weights so I can better track my progress (and maybe show off... just a little :) ).

Since changing up to 3 classes a week for Crossfit (I also do 2 boxing fitness and 2 BodyBalance classes a week as well...) I am definitely getting much stronger and much fitter.

Wall balls & box jumps are getting easier. Rope climbs still suck and I still struggle with double unders. My kipping is getting better.

I'm definitely enjoying all the Olympic Lifting moves. So where am I up to...?

My current 1RM's are:

Back Squat - 100kg
Front Squat - 90kg
Overhead Squat - 45kg
Strict Press - 50kg

And tonight's....

Full Squat Clean - 72kg

Just getting a little better on the high pull component of the move so I can drop a little quicker will see that weight head up pretty quick. I'd got my sights set on 80kg as a milestone here (my bodyweight).

We haven't done Deadlifts for a while so I haven't recorded a PB there and I still struggle a little with Snatches, so no PB there either (I think the most I have done is a 40kg power snatch, but can't really remember).

Finally, I have done one of the Crossfit benchmark WOD's now as well....

"Fran" - 6m 58s (scale 1 - 35kg thrusters plus pull-ups with band)

(If you're curious on what some of the moves are, then have a quick search on google).

Not bad after a back injury late last year.

Oh, and yes, I am still pretty much on the clean eating diet. I should really have my body composition measured again, but can't be bothered. I can tell that I'm looking pretty good and, best of all, last time I checked, I hadn't dropped any weight either.

Crossfit is awesome.

Being fit and strong is awesome.

Bring it on 2015. I'm looking to seeing where this journey takes me.

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