Friday, 27 February 2015

Lantern Festival 2015

It's Chinese New Year and here in Auckland there is certainly a large Chinese community!

And it's great since we get a cool festival like the Lantern Festival.

Rob, Mark and I popped along last night to the lantern only part of the festival (so no stage shows, food stalls etc) as it's generally a little quieter... or so we thought! Turns out the awesome weather attracted a rather large crowd... still, lots of good photo op's.

As for the lanterns... some pretty cool ones, some so so, many from last year, but a few new ones hidden around the place :)

I had taken my tripod, but didn't really need to. Most of my photographs were taken hand held with a very small f-stop and ISO on auto. Pretty happy with the results. Next time, I think I'll leave the tripod at home.

Here's the results....

I did try one with the tripod by the big dragons to get some ghosting effects... ended up with a lot of ghosts! Kinda shows how busy is was..

There was quite a good display of some birds/roses in the trees, but unfortunately the light was a little bright in one of the birds so I couldn't get the shot quite right...

And finally.... the weirdest one of all.... as far as I can tell it is banana's fighting shrimps with some turtles!?! I'm sure there must a good story here...

Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for havin a look :)

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