Saturday, 18 July 2015

A City At Night

We were lucky enough to have a clear, cold and still night last night.

Perfect conditions for trying out some photography of the CBD at night.

So, Lee and I popped out for mission around Devonport and Westhaven (until Lee got told off by security.... apparently big brother had been watching us).

After trying a few settings, f11 seemed to be giving me the best results. Focusing was a struggle for a while, but once I remembered to use AF to focus on a bright spot and then switch to manual, things got much easier.

Other settings.. ISO 100, exposure times of 20 - 30s. Some are with my 18-55mm lens, others with my 55-250mm.

Unfortunately, our locations for these photos must remain secret :-), but here are the results:

 During the night I also tried out the inbuilt HDR function, again with some nice results...

Trying to catch light trials along the harbour bridge (not HDR)...

Finally one just before Lee got busted...

Overall, I'm happy with these few. Many were out of focus, but not bad for a first time and with a broken tripod (very annoying!).

For the next time we do this... I need to figure out the multiple exposures option on the camera and then spend some time on Photoshop to play around with layers. You'll see the why (and the difference) it makes here..

Thanks for looking.

EDIT: Photos were tweaked a little differently after some advice from Lee


  1. Good detail in the sky tower was this with the Zoom lens?, I also like the detail and quality of the ship photo. Very nice

    1. Thanks and yeap, with the zoom lens, but also heavily cropped. Was quite surprised at how it had turned out. It was also better than the one where I had zoomed in directly onto the sky tower.

  2. Nice pics very scenic and colourful by night.