Sunday, 5 July 2015


So, this month, Lee set a little challenge for us all in regards to photography.

The challenge is to get out and about to take some photos that capture a certain theme. For July, the themes are:

  1. Fast & Furious
  2. Reflections
  3. Warm
  4. Retired
The only rules are that the photos must be taken in the month of July and only basic post-processing is allowed.

Today Lee and I headed into the Auckland CBD for a go at some reflection themed photos. Here is a selection of what I took:

For these first two, I like how the reflection is broken up across the windows. Especially the second one. It looks quite confusing.

I was trying to capture some sun flare over the ferry building in this one, but it didn't work. What I didn't realise is that the sun was reflecting onto it from one of the buildings across the road. I suspect I may have overcooked the post-processing a little.... :-)

I quite like this one of the Customs building with the clouds reflected in the Tower building next to it.

And a few goes capturing a reflection of the Sky Tower. I waited for a bit more cloud to come across on the last one and it's my pick of the Sky Tower ones.

I was trying to think about warmth and reflections in this last one. The row of lights giving warmth with the red bricks of the reflected building, but not really sure it works.

Whilst out and about, we were also keeping an eye out for "retired" looking buildings. There were a couple of examples...

I was just having a play with these two, but again, not quite sure they have worked with trying to use the chain linked fence/#loveakl sign.

This one is off an abandoned building we found. I've used the 7D mk2's inbuilt HDR option to produce this photo. Looks interesting and a function I need to play with a little more.

A couple of "warm" options also popped up....

The first are candles in one of the local Cathedrals and the second is the back of the coffee machine at the cafe we stopped in for a coffee (well spotted Lee :-) ).

Finally, a couple of random CBD shots that caught my interest...

All in all a good day out. I've a few ideas for Fast & Furious if I'm allowed to do them, so stay tuned.

You'll be able to check how the other guys get on by checking out their blogs...


  1. LOL ... nice, I will say you should be able to use a little bit of Photoshop and do some perspective correction on those buildings, would make the sky tower shot better I think. And can you pick which building you photographed that I use to live in.

    1. Thanks. I thought about adjusting perspective and had a play around, but decided to leave them in the end. Is it the one I took in HDR.... I think Lee saw your name on the wall... :-)

  2. A couple of good ones there Will, funny how a few of mine look exactly the same :). I like the Row of lights through the window. With a little more work on the composition and perhaps if you had the Tripod, this would have improved tenfold. HDR one came out well considering in camera. The ones I took inside needed a tripod. My pick Custom House building with the Tower building in the background. Great day had by all

    1. Lol yeap, figured I better get in first since most of them will be similar :-) Agree on the cafe/lights one. A little more time and thought would have helped there. Especially with trying a few different angles.