Sunday, 28 June 2015

A quiet day's gaming

A bit of  a cool day here in Auckland... perfect for a few games.

Quite a good turn out too, as Lee & Paul had also popped along. It was good to catch-up with everyone.

Not too much in regards to a game report this week. It's been a long week and next week is looking just as busy...

On arrival, a game of Bolt Action was underway with Rob & Paul running Russian's vs. Mark & Lee who were fielding British.... although in a less than united manner :-)

The game was also being played on Mark's recently prepared teddy bear fur gaming mat. It looks pretty awesome.

I think it was a pretty convincing win for the Russian's in the end, but here's a few pics:

Just what is Lee thinking...!?
How close to the edge!?

Great table to play on. Just not so good for dice rolling! Am looking forward to seeing the finished desert version that Mark is currently working on.

I didn't get a game of Bolt Action, but did introduce Lee & Paul to Incursion.

Lee & I played first. I would be the German commander again and decided to play mission 3 (following on from my last games with Mark).

Blitzhund's leg it with the objective - boy can they move fast! :-)

A bomberzombie ready and waiting to go kaboom!
This mission ended up being pretty easy with the Blitzhunds movement rules. I was able to race up to the objective with them, grab it and get back before the Allies could do much. Lee had got into a good position to get reaction fire, but a few well placed zombies made that a little hard. We got a few rules wrong that may have also played into my favour..... :-)

Paul & Lee played next and they played mission 2. Paul would command the German's and decided to field Ilsa...

This was the first time one of the German special characters has been used. She proved to be the crucial factor in what was a very tense game! I think I may need to start using her or Greta in my games....

The zombies move in for the final kill...
Although the game ended pretty quickly upon the discovery of grenades!! They quickly whittled numbers on both sides, but the Allies just had too few troops to stem the tide.

Overall, I'm really enjoying Incursion and am glad I backed it. Most of us have played Space Hulk previously and all seem to agree that this is the weird war 2 version.... just on steroids and cooler :-)

Thanks for reading. Until next time.


  1. Lots of WW2 action going on Historical and Weird :D All good stuff.

    1. Thanks Simon. Definitely lots of great WW2 action :-)