Saturday, 26 September 2015

Trying a few things out

Over the course of the week, I've been spending more time on Photoshop to continue my learning journey and generally just having a play around with different effects.

I decided to start with this photo:

The aim was to turn it in a 1940's shot. This would involve me playing around with adding in a number of texture layers.

How did I get on? Well, here's my final result...

To create the effect I've added in an old paper texture along with some scratches / dust textures. Finally, Lee gave me an old Kodak border frame to try.

Overall I'm pretty happy and it was a good bit of learning.

Then today...

The sun was out, the birds were out (encouraged by some stale bread),,,

So I figured I'd spend some time out in the back garden trying out different AF & tracking settings with the 70 - 200mm.

Spring is definitely in the air. The local Silvereyes, Blackbirds and Thrush were pretty active and provided some good shots.

As for the AF / tracking... still really not sure on the best settings here. More practice required.