Sunday, 18 October 2015


The Auckland Diwali festival has been on again this weekend.

For photographers, it is a great festival with all the bright and vibrant costumes.

So.... Mark G and I popped along to have a look. f2.8 was going to be perfect for this event! :-)

Enjoy all the colour.


We'd timed our arrival quite well.

The PM got things opened...

And then the international (I think) act came out! They were pretty good... :-)

Then the dignitaries left and the local acts started again...

I'm just glad I'm tall otherwise most of my shots probably would have been like this....

It wasn't all song and dance though... plenty of food, henna and even a puppet show...

A couple of treks up and down Queen St gave me a chance to try my skills as a street photographer.... not sure I'll make the best street photographer... :-)

The boat in the harbour was pretty impressive too....

All in all a good fun day (even with the extra exercise).


  1. Nice post, Was expecting more of a ribbing lol.

    1. Thanks. If I had a photo of your save, then there definitely would have been a lot more stick! :-)