Sunday, 4 October 2015

King Tigers!?

Another days gaming and another game of Flames.

This time against Mark (yep Mark playing FoW...! :-) ).

I ran the same force as last week, whilst Mark had decided to try out a Pioneer Company:

HQ with hmg & mortar sections
2 Pioneer platoons
2 King Tigers!!
1 88 with extra crew in a gun pit
Battery of 10.5cm guns
3 2cm Flak guns

We rolled for a mission and ended up with Counterattack. Being mechanised, I would be the attacker.

The forces deploy...

Mine are deployed in a rather large lump ready to drive towards the currently undefended objective!

First I would have to get across the road where the King Tigers, 88, hmg's and 2cm guns could all see (neither of us had realised that the 2cm flak guns only had a 16" range!)!

The vehicles all get across easily (aided by a well placed smoke bombardment), but I hadn't noticed where the hmg's were. I was going to have to weather a storm of lead, but it was worth a chance. I needed to get the infantry moving early.

Luckily the placement of the King Tiger means only 1 hmg can fire, so casualties are light.

Mark's pioneers quickly control the objective utilising the woods as cover....

I recall how well my infantry did in the woods against Rob last week , so start to get a little nervous (well more nervous after wondering how I was going to deal with King Tigers). A well placed artillery bombardment doesn't help things....

Same as last week... my Guards re-roll saves the platoon, but the bailed tank refuses to un-bail for the rest of the game.

The King Tigers creep up to cut off my advance...

Time to put my balls on the line. I'll get 2 shots.

This time they counted.

And my armoured cars were at the objective.

Time to start whittling down some infantry.... This goes well. So well, Mark is forced to advance his second pioneer platoon (they no longer needed to hold the objective in his deployment zone with the early destruction of my second armoured platoon).

After hiding from King Tigers, the 88 and artillery observers, time is running out. I have to deal with the King Tiger. But I still have no idea how.... I do get one early chance when my artillery lands on it, but I fail the firepower check.

Still, I need to make a move. So everyone advances out.... surely so many targets for Mark would mean good survival chances? It's not working for Mark's infantry though...

Somehow everyone survives!? Then it is pointed out that I could actually get onto the side of the King Tiger...

One shot. It had better count.


Don't fail me now firepower rolls....


The game pretty much ends there. Somehow a 6 - 1 victory to me. The King Tigers had only killed one Sherman so really didn't dominate at all. My armoured cars had been able to disengage when targeted (although we got this wrong at 1 point when Mark fired at full RoF - he still should have had a shot).

If Mark had been able to dig in on the objective, then I think it would have been a very different game.

Still its good to be playing Flames again.

Thanks for reading. Until next time.

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