Monday, 4 January 2016

First gaming for 2016

2016 is officially here. The rain has gone (came just in time for New Years) and the sun is back out.

The holidays are also almost over for some of us..... :-(

But, as it was, we were able to get together today for a few games. Just Mark, Rob and I.

X-Wing was the game of choice as an easy one to ease back into.

Also because Rob and I had both bought some more X-Wing ships as Christmas presents to ourselves :-)

Mark and Rob played first. Since Rob had a new toy... it was decided to to use that -

The Imperial Assault Cruiser!

Pretty cool looking ship, especially when it can dock and then deploy up to 4 Tie's!!

I'll let Mark or Rob blog about the game and give the result, but they played the first mission of the campaign for the Assault Cruiser. Here's a few more shots though:

Seems to be a lot of cameras around the place now too (someone got himself a camera for Christmas.... guess who :-) )

Then it was my turn to play against Rob.... using my new toy.

The Imperial Raider! Doesn't Rob look worried.... :-)

We decided to play the first campaign mission for the Imperial Raider.

That would mean I would only get very basic upgrades for the Raider and two low pilot skill (2) Tie Advanced.

Rob could select up to 100pts of Rebel ships. So he fielded the YT-2400, 2 X-Wing and a Z-95.

All he had to do was kill one of the Tie Advanced and then escape. All I had to do was destroy all the Rebel ships!?!

We kicked off with the Rebel freighter making a beeline towards the Tie Advanced whilst the remaining Rebel ships used some asteroids for cover.

Weight of fire quickly dealt to one of the Tie Advanced. At least the Raider had been dealing out some punishment by nearly destroying the YT-2400.

A minor crash into an asteroid did destroy it though (caused a critical which caused more damage in the next phase).

But, the Rebels had done what they needed to though. The nimble fighters quickly escaped off the table ending the game with victory for Rob.

Well, not a good start to the year... Not sure there is much I could have done differently. I'd been moving the Raider slowly each turn to generate energy to keep the weapons systems firing, On discussion, the thought was to advance the Raider into the centre of the table quicker, sacrificing a turn or two of building energy, but to be better placed for targeting the escaping Rebel ships.

It probably would have been better to get close, as the long range shooting adds a lot of additional defense dice to the defender!

I also suspect I should have done a little more to keep my Tie Advanced out of harms way by getting them onto the opposite side of the Raider rather than getting them into the thick of it.

No matter! Next time :-)

The final game would be Mark and I playing against each other. This time just a straight up 100pts each with the aim of just trying to destroy each other.

Mainly because Mark wanted to finally field the Decimator that he purchased ages ago. He'd also found some crazy tough kit out for it and he wanted to see how good that was, I'm not sure on the build, but I know it was piloted by Rear Admiral Chiraneau.

Two Tie Fighters supported the Decimator,

I took Wedge (with R2-D2 and the marksmen upgrade) supported by 3 rookie X-Wing pilots.

Game on.

I split my X-Wing into pairs and deployed in both corners. X-Wing pincer!

The Imperials headed for one of the pairings, but it was the one Wedge was leading... One of the Tie's was quickly dispatched and then things started getting real close...

Combined weight of fire dealt with the remaining Tie and I'd been able to keep up a steady number of hits on the Decimator with little damage in return.

That is... until Mark figured out he'd been using the Decimator upgrades a little wrong.... once we clarified the rules... things started to go downhill real quick for my X-Wing's!

The upgrades were effectively giving Mark 4 or 5 attack dice with re-rolls every turn. Most of my X-Wing had lost their shields by this point (except Wedge - thanks R2! :-) ). 2 X-Wing were quickly destroyed.

With the Decimator down to 1 or 2 hull points remaining Wedge missed his shots (karma I guess since I think I ballsed up his move). That meant the Decimator was next to shoot. Odds on were for another dead X-Wing, but the Decimator missed! The rookie X-Wing pilot didn't waste his chance and nailed the Decimator with 2 critical's.

Victory to the Rebels, but I think it would have been a very different story if we'd figured out the rules earlier in the game.

All good fun and preparation for a possible large scale X-Wing game in a months time.

Finally, welcome to a new blog follower - Gordon from I have wrought my simple plan. A very nice wargaming blog with some great looking mini's and tables.

Happy new year all. Am looking forward to another years gaming and reading about everyone elses gaming exploits!

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