Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Return to the Zoo

The last time I was at the Auckland Zoo, they were running special. If you registered, then you'd get a free pass.

Last week I got the reminder email that my free pass was about to expire!

So it was off to the Zoo!

Mark G, Mark H and Rob joined me. Yvonne joined us later in the day. Here's the gang in action.... :-)

Much equipment, many photos

I just stuck with my 70 - 200mm and snapped away. We seemed to time it quite well as a number of the animals were being feed. We also made it to a few of the animal experiences. This is where the animals are feed with a keeper present who gives a bit of a talk about them.

We were struck with a few showers and a heap of humidity, but it didn't dampen spirits. Even one of the Orangutan's refused to give in to the rain...

Here's my selection from the day...

The Baboon's kicked off whilst we were there as well, but they moved so fast and it happened far too quickly to get any real decent shots!

All good fun and a great place to visit. Am looking forward to popping back when the new Safari part is open.

Thanks for reading.

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