Sunday, 27 March 2016


I knew it had been awhile since my last gaming post.... but not as long as almost 3 months!

A few things have been changing in the regular group making gaming a little harder / lower priority, but with the long weekend (thanks Easter! :-) ), we managed to get a game in.

Today's game would be Lee vs. myself playing Bolt Action.

I ran my normal German force (the list is here), whilst Lee ran a Brit Para force.

If I remember correctly... Lee's force consisted of..

2nd Lt
Light Mortar
Medium MG
2 Rifle Squads
6pdr AT Gun

All Veteran.

The mission would just be maximum attrition.

Annnd we were off....

The British sniper takes up position whilst the German forces advance.

A lucky shot from my StuH decimates one of the British Para rifle platoons, but the stubborn buggers stick around.

The German advance continues against the thin, very thin British line.

The remaining full strength British rifle platoon positions itself in cover waiting for a chance to assault. I'm not getting close enough to allow that to happen though! I hold my left flank in ambush while the units on the right push forward.

By now my StuH has obliterated the sniper team and the British are taking a number of pins.

The full strength British rifle squad is still waiting to pounce, so I advance my Veteran's forward to have a crack at them. Man, Veteran's are hard to kill!

The British stubbornness ignores the pins and they move out of cover to deal to the central German rifle platoon. This allows my MMG to open up (it had been sitting on ambush), but again I struggle to cause any casualties in the British line.

By now my central platoon is destroyed and the second forward rifle platoon is weathering a storm of smg and PIAT fire. I guess they're feeling a little unsupported at this stage with everyone else sitting on the left flank....

Suffice to say that this platoon doesn't last much longer either. At least a few casualties are caused in return.

I finally figure out that I could actually be advancing my Veteran's around the left flank while my remaining rifle platoon advances. Why didn't I think of that earlier!?

The pins of the Brit Para platoon stack up and their numbers dwindle. Pin counters hit 10 causing an auto fail of morale (first time I've seen this happen!).

All that is left is a couple of stragglers... who face the rest of the German army :-)

6 - 3 to me (on VP).It's been a long time and we were all a little rusty on rules. Surprising how much we did actually remember though!

I could (and should) have advanced around the left flank much sooner. As for Lee, an open table and restrictions on model available made it a tough day for him. The fact I fielded armour also wasn't helping, especially as I was able to avoid his 6pdr.

It felt good to game though. It's been far too long. Am looking forward to the next game.

Thanks to Lee for the game and thanks for reading.

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