Thursday, 21 July 2016

Return to the Zoo

Work has been somewhat stressful over the last couple of months. Reached a point where I just needed a couple of days away from the office to recharge.

Unfortunately timing was not great as it's currently school holidays here, but I figured I'd brave heading along to the Auckland Zoo anyway.

Weather had been crazy and I was a little dubious on the day, but got lucky! No showers and a generally okay day weatherwise. The place wasn't crazy packed with kids either.

I just packed my trusty 70 - 200mm and went for a wander. I got pretty lucky.... first time seeing the Kaka and timing a couple of the experiences quite well.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the selection of shots.... even if I hadn't engaged brain and checked what shutter speed I was using until late in the day. Oh well.

Oh and it helps if you know the right people... ;-)


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