Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Giant Killer Robots!

But, more on that soon :-)

Finally a gaming post. It's been long overdue.

Last weekend was a fantastic gaming weekend at a secret location with Lee's secret gaming group ;-)

Luckily, I know most of the guys. Most I haven't seen or gamed with for some time, so it was great to have the oppourtunity to catch-up with everyone.

When I arrived a couple of Bolt Action games and a Saga battle were underway. I've no idea on any of the results...

Lee's American's vs. Nick's German's...

All the forces used throughout the weekend were painted to a very high standard. All looked impressive, but especially Nick's winter themed Germans.

See if you can spot Lee's dirty trick.... :-)

Paul's German's vs. Ian's French..

Unfortunately I didn't get any nice shots of Ian's French or the Saga game that was being played.

As the Saga game finished relatively quickly, I was able to play next. Three of us would play Feast of Crows.

Andrew - Anglo Saxons
Givan - Vikings (apologies if the name is spelt incorrectly)
Me - Welsh (kindly on loan from Lee)

Luckily Lee grabbed a couple of shots of the game as I completely forgot too!

Basically, the Welsh hid in the forest in the centre of the table whilst the Vikings ran headlong into the Anglo-Saxon's.

One unit of Viking hearthguard did have a crack at the Welsh warriors in the woods making a bloody mess of both sides.

The Welsh hearthguard eventually discovered the hit & run trick, so from then on, enjoyed peppering Anglo-Saxons with javelins!

Final result -

Vikings - 15pts
Welsh - 15pts
Anglo-Saxons - 12pts

I knew I shouldn't have shaved that morning.... as neither Givan or I had an impressive beard, it was a draw. Had I left my stubble, then I would have won (maybe)!

Next up was a game of Bolt Action vs. Nick. He would run US Para's against my German list.

The only difference with my list from previous games was the mmg was dropped. This is due to these guys not using the Bolt Action.Net rules & points adjustments (come on guys... who doesn't like cheaper lmg's.... :-) )

Mission would just be maximum attrition.

And from that aspect, the game started well for Nick!

First US Para sniper shot = dead German sniper team.

First AT round fired from the Sherman =

Well, that put a dent in my plans! Still, being German, I wasn't going to let little things like a dead snipers and  StuH 42 slow me down.

Both the Para's and German's advanced to find key spots to lock down lanes of fire and the pins / casualties started to pile up. As always, my mortar and infantry gun proved to be quite effective in applying some hurt.

I decided to try and be more aggressive with my Vet unit since they are loaded with smg's. To that end, I charged them up towards to the Para unit trapped in the woods thinking the weight of smg fire would be sufficient to dispatch the Para unit.

It wasn't. And I forgot that units can assault, along with how devastating assaults are. So, fair play to the Para's. They assaulted and wiped out my Vet unit.

The USAF also arrived at this point and decimated one of my infantry units. The air strike spread a few pins around, including pinning my Lieutenant. The air strike must have been particularly scary, as on activating next, my Lieutenant promptly FUBAR'ed opening fire against the friendly unit in the woods! Luckily no casualties were caused.

As it was, German firepower was putting a big dent in the low number of Vet Para's. The noose was tightening...

The USAF arrived again to try and save the day, but promptly ballsed up their attack (Nick rolled a 1, handing the airstrike over to me). The US Sherman became the target....

With the destruction of the Sherman, Nick conceded giving my German's victory (we also had no idea what turn we were up to).

A good, hard fought game. Only thing I would do differently is remember about assaults!

Whilst Nick and I were playing, the other guys had been trying a Napoleonic skirmish game which looked pretty cool.

Sorry, I have no idea on the end result of the game as I was distracted by beer and pizza.

After dinner, I was asked to have a go at (and playtest) Giant Killer Robots!!

This is a game under development by Weta Workshops and, it involves well, Giant Killer Robots! :-)

There's not much I can say about the game, other than it was good fun - beer and pretzels style. Game play flowed well and it was pretty intuitive. The models look awesome, especially the orange one that I fielded (sorry I forget it's name).

I believe it is being demo'ed at an upcoming gaming / comic event in the States in the next few days, but if some of Weta's ideas around the game come to fruition, then it will be awesome! One to keep an eye out for!

It pretty cool to have a go at the game and feedback some ideas. Thanks for a chance to try it out.

This pretty much bought Saturday gaming to a close at around midnight. Since I didn't want to risk turning into a pumpkin, it was home for some sleep in prep for more gaming on Sunday...

Day 2.

On arrival, a couple of Bolt Action games had kicked off -

Nick (US Para) vs. Paul (Germans)
Lee (American) vs. Andrew (Germans)

See if you can guess how long it took one of these two to destroy the other (Sherman vs. AT track).....

I'm not sure who won the game between Lee & Andrew, but I believe the USAF won Nick's game for him, whilst the USAF hindered Lee's American's :-)

Paul and I then played a game of Bolt Action. To avoid a blue on blue match, I fielded Nick's US Para's, but an adjusted list which included dropping the Forward Air Observer (I'm such a gentleman :-) ).

Again, it would just be maximum attrition.

My sniper deployed in the centre of the table, so the German's split their force and deployed as far away from the sniper as possible!

I deployed the Sherman, mmg and one squad on the right flank. Two squads deployed on the left with the mortar. Intent was to hold position on the right, while the left flank swung around taking out the German units in front of them.

That was the plan anyway...

The German's got cheeky and I got lucky right from the start.... with the German Puma only just being able to see the Sherman. But it was enough and a hit was scored. Luckily only superficial damage.

The Sherman and Puma then played hide & seek.

Until I got sick of that and did what I should have done from the start.... deployed the bazooka next to the Sherman to protect it (bazooka was on the left flank, trying to flank the Puma) whilst the Sherman just concentrated on the German infantry. So I ignored the Puma and went for a drive to shot up some infantry.

But the German infantry decided to assault! (Paul had advised that the unit had panzerfausts, but I decided it was worth the risk anyway). The assault didn't do much and mg fire from the Sherman soon dealt with German infantry.

I also remembered about assaults and my smg loaded Para unit charged an assault rifle loaded German unit... oops...

Still, the Para's actually won somehow (benefit of Vet status), but the sole survivor wasn't keen on sticking around!

By now, one of the other squads was destroyed by mortar fire (couldn't pass an order to move them) and other units were also being destroyed.

I'd at least hurt the German's, but at the end of turn 6 we called it. Victory to the Germans.

All in all a great weekend of gaming. It was good to catch up with everyone.

Nick was also a great host - plying us with great coffee, snacks, beers and even providing bacon sarnies for lunch on Sunday! So, thanks Nick for hosting us.

And thanks all for reading.

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