Sunday, 8 January 2017

A painting post

I know right!

They're few and far between, but it seems to becoming a bit of a habit for a post to appear in early Jan with some finished mini's :-)

Bolt Action again.

This time, I have finally finished off my panzerfaust armed models, alternate / higher command models, observers, medic and panzerschreck team.

I don't think it's my best work. Too stop / start on getting these guys done over far too long a period.... i.e. the course of the last year or so.

Not painting for a very long time shows. Still, they're done and they're okay for the tabletop.

Oh... and I really need to throw away my home made light box and get a proper one!

Here they are....

I was trying to find the original post where I posted a picture of all the models assembled and undercoated along with some boast on when they would be finished.

Well, it seems to be so old that I can't find it!

2000 odd points of Germans does look pretty good all painted though...

A few more mini's to go, but ones rarely used... flamethrowers (yes, I have two :-) ), a couple more observer options and..... 30 more infantry as I couldn't resist that very sexy box of plastic grenadiers released by Warlord a while ago.

I would also like to do a little more tidy up on the infantry such as painting the collars / epaulets etc, but realistically, I'm not sure the time to do it will be there.

Oh and I have a very special turret option on the way for my Panzer IV. My gaming mates are going to hate me for getting it :-)

They can wait though (apart from the turret - that's getting painted as soon as it arrives!). It's time for a break from painting Germans I think. Next up Saga and everything is now primed ready to go. Lets see how long this one takes....

Thanks for reading.

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