Sunday, 22 January 2017

First Gaming for 2017

Friday night games are back on for the year.

First session was actually the week prior, but being unable to make that one, this Friday was my first time back gaming.

Game of choice was to be Saga and I'd be playing Andrew.

We rolled up a mission ending up with the river ford crossing fight.

It would be 6pts of Vikings (me) vs. 6pts of Anglo-Saxons (Andrew).

I took...

4 Berserkers
4 Hearthguard
4 Hearthguard
8 Warriors
8 Warriors
8 Warriors

Andrew had....

12 Warriors
12 Warriors
12 Warriors
4 Warriors
12 Levy (bow)

Game on!

 My tactics with Vikings are to get straight into combat as quick as possible. It's the only tactic right? :-)

This was the first time using berserkers, so I was looking forward to an early charge with them. Except the Saxons stole my idea!! Using some of their movement abilities, a large unit of Saxon warriors was across the ford and straight into my berserkers!

Combat was bloody, all 4 berserkers heading to Valhalla, but not before taking 10 Saxon warriors to the afterlife with them.

Suffice to say, the nearby Viking units took revenge and then headed across the ford....

On the opposite flank, the Vikings were also advancing...

Only to get charged by more Saxon warriors...

The result was rather terrible for the Vikings (shocking rolling on my part).... so the Hearthguard would have to do the job with just as poor a result. At least they didn't all die!

Some nervous Saxons on the left.... carnage on the right...

I simply can't hit, but at the least the few hits I am getting are whittling the Saxon units down to stop their abilities (require large units to work effectively).

On the right, my Vikings are wiped out to a man leaving 3 Saxon warriors on my side of the river. Loki soon dealt to them though :-)

On the left, things are just going from bad to worse. I do the only thing a good Viking chief could do in this situation - charge! Death or glory! Guess it was to be death....

There ended the game at the end of turn 6 - the Vikings destroyed to a man. The halls of Valhalla will be full tonight!

Great game, even if the decisive loss wasn't the best way to start the year!

Based on my rolling, I am hoping I've used up my quota of 1's for the year!! Andrew has definitely used up a years worth of 6's! :-)

Tactics wise, Andrew actually played it well with the extra large Warrior units - 12 Warriors was giving a lot of dice, particularly with good battle board use giving a extra attack dice that I just couldn't counter.

In hindsight, I should have combined the Hearthguard units together to give a harder hitting unit. I also think I missed an opportunity to get stuck into the Saxon warlord earlier.

No matter. Next time!

Most of the other guys were playing a fantastic looking game of Frostgrave. Forces looked very nice, particularly Ian's combination of squigs & nurglings. Apparently Imp's are the new black ;-)

I think I've found a new use for my Legion of Everblight models (once painted!) and where's my old Skaven Mordheim gang...... :-)

Thanks for reading.

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