Saturday, 30 September 2017

One last crack

And thus ends our grand Napoleonic campaign. For now. 

The Fizzer at Granja de la Abundancia (scenario from the Vol. 1 Albion Triumphant).

Both the French (Dallas & I) and British (Paul & Lee) would have to march onto the table to begin the battle. Off course, things started well with the majority staff ratings of 7 immediately causing difficulty! 

Very little movement... or no French infantry willing to arrive for a couple of turns!

But, troops do eventually start to arrive. Mon dieu! What are the British doing... their march flanks are exposed. Huzzah! Charge! Luckily Lee knows how to roll saves. What should have been a brigade broken remains in the fight.

The damage is done though. The French pincer starts to close and more British break. 

With that - victory for the French.

Bit of a tough one all round and many lessons learning from all I feel. Staff ratings of 7 certainly made for a different game...

5 from 5 for the French. I've been on the French side 4 times.... not that I'm insinuating anything :-)

Batailles magnifiques et superbes miniatures.

The obligatory pre-game drinks....

Lee étant un coq

I didn't really capture the right photos to outline this as a proper AAR, so just enjoy the pretty pictures of some amazing miniatures.....

Unfortunately a read of the rulebook the following identified the "Free Move" rule. Whoops... would have a made a difference.

I think we were also too used to the regular large movements we had been getting in the last few games.... but of course staff ratings were 8 or 9 then!

The British really couldn't combine and make their firepower work. It allowed the French to again break them apart piecemeal.

All good fun, but time for a break from Napoleonics. Let's see what next week brings!

Thanks for reading. 

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