Sunday, 24 September 2017

The Only Way To Game

This is the only way to game....

Shots of rum and glasses of red wine preceding the start of our latest Napoleonics game.

Rather appropriate based on some pre-gaming day talk...

It's becoming a bit of a habit.... and just because you need something to listen to whilst reading this :-)

Anyway onto the game report. To mix things up, the French would be advancing lengthways towards the British who were tasked with holding a crossroad. One British Brigade would already be at the crossroads, whilst the rest would move up from reserve.

The 95th Rifles had the rather risky task of skirmishing well ahead of the British line to try and slow the French advance. The forces line up....

French forces
British forces

And with that, it was game on. The French Infantry Brigades advanced at the double ignoring the Rifles. They would be left for the French Old Guard.

Things are going well.... until the first "blunder" that is. One of the French Cav units gets a little carried away and ends up charging the British Cav. They off course oblige with a counter-charge.

 And end up breaking through into more of French Cav. Things are not looking good!

At least the French Infantry are starting to get stuck in now... no mucking about. Straight into combat.

The Old Guard arrive to start dealing with the 95th.

And British Cav charge! Leaving the French Cav somewhat ineffective for the rest of the game.

At least the French right is doing some real work...

 The French left on the other hand... well, they're getting a bit of a pasting.

The battles ebb and flow... more British reinforcements arrive (KGL disguised as Russian infantry).

More French columns hit home. The Old Guard should make short work of the 95th right...? Right!?! Nope.

The French left starts to crumble...

But the British left crumbles first.

And with that, the British concede. The retreat is called leaving the French with the crossroads. A very narrow win.

Some early blunders by the French commanders and a rather unusually high proportion of 6's by the British kept the game close.... On review, not sure there is much the French could do different.

Great game and great company. As always.

Roll on next Friday.

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