Sunday, 29 October 2017

More Bolt Action

Just a quick post today.

600pts each.

Obersts Will and John vs. Captain "big talk" Lee & Comrade Paulski.

Just a straight up fight for John's first game.

First turn went something like this....

Crack! German sniper kills the Russian sniper.

Crack! Panzer IV arrives and promptly destroys the American 75mm LH

Crack! German LH destroys the Russian mortar

Dice are rolling hot!!

I think it was at this point that John decided he likes Bolt Action....

The look on Paul & Lee's face = priceless.

The T34/85 has a crack at the Panzer IV. Both miss each other for a couple of turns.

Paul leaves for 5 mins giving Lee overall command. 

And his words on returning were.... "whats that burning smell...? Oh..." as he spots the burning T34/85 hulk.

Pretty much all downhill for the Allies from there as the casualties mount.

Only German unit to be killed is John's Lieutenant. At least 6 Allied units destroyed giving a decisive victory to Germany. 

And all the time the Bazooka hid in the woods..... ;-)

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