Monday, 23 October 2017

Return to Bolt Action

The sweet sweet smell of victory. Again. :-)

And a return to Bolt Action.

It would be Oberst Dallas and I in charge of German forces, whilst Captain Brent-what-oh and Comrade Paulski would be in charge of a combined Allied force (British & Russian). 600pts per person.

We rolled up Point Defence as the mission. Germany would be the defender. Deployment across the 3 objectives:

The mission opens with a preparatory bombardment which spread an annoying number of pins around. 

"....Russian commander to British commander.... attack on left flank.... refused flank..."

Herr Oberst, we are picking up Allied communications over open airwaves! Surely, they cannot be that silly......

Seems my Germans in the woods will bear the brunt of the Allied thrusts.

And we're off. A lucky shot from my infantry gun opens proceedings by destroying the Russian AT gun up on a hill guarding their axis of attack. This gives free reign to the Panzer IV & Sd Kfz 222....

With the 222 promptly nailing the British FAO before he can drop his load.

My Commander looks on anxiously as the Russians close for assault...

British forces take a beating as the Panzer IV terrifies them...

But then the assaults start rolling in....

End result... the Russians are holding one objective on turn 6 - a draw if we cannot get a German unit within 3"...

What's that I hear though.... Vroom! Vroom! The sound of Panzer IV engines revving up!

Charge! The Panzer IV crashes through the woods scattering the Russian troops to contest the objective.

Victory for Germany.

Although, the Panzer IV commander pointed out the next day that he needed to run into the woods to charge.... so a slightly illegal move (its been awhile! :-) ). Still, I think he would have been able to get into 3" of the objective with a normal move anyway.

Overall, good fun as always. Not too many rules errors for not having played so long.

I need to remember to use my Lieuteant to pull out order die and grab the intiative! May have helped blunt some Russian assualts.

Until next time! Thanks for stopping by.

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