Sunday, 11 March 2018

Tank Wars

Friday night gaming, but with a twist...

Having painted a Panther, Pak40 and some trucks... along with Dallas having a Tiger and many other German vehicles... there was a burning desire to get them on the table.

What better way than with a Tank Wars game!

So, the scene was set. Dallas, Ian and I would be on the German side. Lee, Brent and Andrew on the Allied side.

Lists were:

Barkmann Vet 496
Wittmann Vet 519
Panzer IV H Vet Tank Ace skills, schurzen 342
Panzer IV H Reg schurzen 245
Wirbelwind Reg 240
Puma Reg 160
Pak 40 Reg 110
105mm Howitzer  Vet Spotter 100
10 Man Gren Squad Vet 1x smg, 1x lmg, 2x faust 173
Halftrack Reg 89
Truck Reg 39
Truck Reg 39
Kubelwagon Reg 21
Total 2573

Pool Vet 304
Abrams Vet 314
Sherman (75mm) Reg 195
Sherman (75mm) Reg 195
Churchill VII Vet Tank Ace skills 572
Comet Reg 355
M5 Stuart Reg 135
6pdr ATG Reg 75
12 Man US Inf Squad Vet 1x smg, 2x bar, atg 193
Forward Air Observer Reg 75
Carrier Reg lmg 70
M3 Halftrack Reg 99
Jeep Reg 21
Total 2603
So, the Allies would have the advantage. But only seemed fair with Wittmann and Barkmann on the German side.

Set up:

Spot the one drinking... ;-)

With that it, it would be kill 'em all. 

And the first units started arriving... the Allies spreading over their deployment zone.

But, soon the German schwerpunkt became obvious - the left flank (Allied right) would be the main point of attack.

This was to avoid the US Forward Air Observer... although why Dallas decided to go after him with the Puma... I'll never know. Oh and Wittmann (Dallas) went alone on the Axis right...

Lucky that the Wirbelwind was in range. Bye bye USAF.

And then first blood to the Axis - a 6 to hit and a 6 to penetrate causes 2 fires and ultimately the destruction of the Allied Comet. A significant early blow.

Wittman, Abrams and another Sherman bounce shells of each other...

 But many of these are rolled...

Mostly by Dallas. Andrew is actually rolling like a demon and immobilises Wittmann effectively neutralising him for the entire game!!

Meanwhile on the Axis left, the advance is slow and steady. The Allied forces are whittled down or immobilised with plenty of turret jams for good measure :-) The US character Pool also bites the dust.

But the fight back is strong. Another air strike removes the Puma and a sneaky Stuart gets the Wirbelwind.

A brave Panzer IV H charges forward past an immobile Sherman (turret also jammed) to engage the Churchill at close range...

A couple more German losses see the game swing back towards the Allies, but a faust into the side of the immobile Sherman destroys it and some lucky mg dice knock out the British 6pdr. This gives the final win to the Axis.

Overall an interesting experiment, but the game felt flat. Too large and too many skills / characters for our first crack at Tank Wars. 

A bit of debate ongoing about this one as a game overall. Tiger Fear certainly had an impact and some of the challenges of the game overall (limited die rolling - only 1 shot per tank) lessened the enjoyment. 

But, still good company and very cool to see all our tank toys on the table!

I'm sure we'll be giving it another go some time :-)

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