Monday, 16 April 2018


Lads weekend away and the choice this time was Taupo.

Quite a nice location in the middle on the North Island here in NZ. Particularly if you like outdoors activities.

Unfortunately winter is nigh and the weather was rubbish most of the weekend. It meant we didn't get to do the sky dive that we were after, but the Huka Jet and some clay bird shooting was good fun. Even when hungover :-)

I arrived early to get around to a couple of places that looked interesting.

First up... Lava Glass

Quite a cool glass sculpture garden. Would have looked much cooler in sunlight as I think the bright light would have brought out the colours much more!

And then a quick stop to see Huka Falls and some long exposures. Might not look big, but its a huge volume of water in a small place!

As for the rest of the weekend, well what happens on a lads weekend, stays on a lads weekend. Except all the photos that are on Instagram & Facebook!! :D

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