Sunday, 22 April 2018

Bolt Action

Friday night games and Bolt Action.

800pts was the agreed limit and it would be Andrew and I vs. Paul & Ian.

But, at the 11th hour, the points were increased to 1000pts!! There was nothing for it... I would have to drop the sniper team to fit in the Wirbelwind :-)

Andrew had decided to field a Last Levy force (supported by Charlemagne SS), so it was going to be interesting...

Against us were a combined French / Russian force.

It would be a straight up meeting engagement.

German fire in the first few turns does little, but the Russians pepper the Last Levy with fire decimating a couple of units. French fire pins the Puma out of the game.

Pinned in the middle by the immobilised T34/85, the German centre is effectively stalled. The right is collapsing under the weight of Russian advance and French flank maneuver. As for the left... well both the German regular troops and French are locked down there.

So there's nothing for it. The Hitler Youth jump out of some ruins! For the Fatherland!

And unload their panzerfausts (note actual fausts, not bits of fluff) destroying the Greyhound and Scout Car. A nice bit of work.

But little else is happening.

Other than some very angry Goums rolling up the German right.

And a lucky bit of fluff (aka panzerfaust) knocks out the Wirbelwind. Only for that Russian unit to be wiped out by the SS in return.

And with that, the game is pretty much over - turn 6 ends.

8 VP to 6, so a close game overall, but victory to the Allied forces it is.

Next time Germany shall have revenge!!

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