Sunday, 23 September 2018

Gaming Post

A rare post in recent times... a gaming related one!

To be fair, since being back from my European adventure, there has been plenty of gaming.

But... I've been all photo'd out. Motivation levels on taking photos and posting were low - it was good to have a bit of a break from photo editing.

Until now that is!

And the game was Bolt Action. Something we haven't played in awhile.

We settled on 1250pts with Dallas and I combining on the German side, whilst Brent fielded his Brits.

Forces were something like this...

1st Lt. + friend
Reg Squad - 10 men
Volks Gren Squad - 10 men (all with assault rifles..)
Vet Squad - 8 men (loaded up with smg's)
StuH 42
Light Infantry Gun

1st Lt. + 2 friends
3x Vet Squads - 10 men
Medium Machine Gun
Medium Mortar + spotter
Vet Sniper Team
6pdr + Carrier to tow
PIAT team

So we were going to outnumbered.

Mission was just a meeting engagement.

Glasses were drained and the game began -

The advance started...

With the Germans choosing the right flank for the concentrated schwerepunkt.

And the British FAO smiled. "Roger roger, old boy. Mike target, alpha, bravo, cup of tea". And with that the bombardment arrived. Although there must have been some rum in that cup of tea since it scattered.

But, luck was with the British - it scattered to the most opportune spot... especially when a 6 was rolled for barrage diameter.

7 German units pinned... :-(

Pretty much game over at that point.

Oh and then the British mortar ranged in on one of the half tracks first turn!?!?

But us Germans, we don't give up! The fight back was hard, but British timidness gave a chance.

It did require some aggressive moves and assaults, but overall it wasn't enough.

At least it wasn't a complete wupping in the end - 9 : 4 to the British.

Well played Brent - we are checking your dice closely next time!

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